Digital Marketing Strategy: Reaching a target audience!

09 okt, 2020

With every passing day, a new brand is being launched in the marketplace globally. A significant increase in the number of start-ups along with the strong credibility of the already existing brands has made it challenging for new start-ups to survive in the marketplace. Hence, the only beam of hope left for start-ups is to develop and utilize efficient digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

The importance of digital marketing has ever increased in the modern technological world. Today, generation Z forming up a significant proportion of the consumers have resulted in consumers growing curious and conscious about the social presence of the brands.

Choosing the Appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Start-up

Start-ups must carefully plan their approach when designing a suitable digital marketing strategy for their brand. It is essential to consider some basic factors like target audience, the purpose of the product, brand values, etc., to determine the most appropriate digital marketing strategy for your brand. Following are a few of the most impactful and beneficial digital marketing strategies:

Website Branding

Firstly, your start-up needs to have its own website, which represents the brand to the audiences in a visually appealing manner. The website speaks for your brand! Start-ups need to develop an engaging website that is easy to navigate. It should position the brand in a particular field as a supreme authority.

 For example, – a popular personal finance management software has a solid visual design and easy to read content on its website.

Social Media Marketing

Well, one of the cheapest methods to create an impactful social presence for your start-up is to make use of social media platforms. It is an affordable and effective method to reach out to people from all corners of the world. Firstly, you need to identify the right social media platforms for your brand, then build a presence through creative and visually appealing content.

We can take a look at the example of Burberry; they introduced their new cosmetic line to costumers via Burberry Kisses. The service allowed people to send kisses in any shade from their lipstick collection digitally to whomever they want.

Email Marketing

Another important digital marketing platform that people seem to neglect nowadays is email marketing. It has the power to turn one-time visitors into loyal customers. Another plus point is that it is free; you only need to invest in your time. Customers love sweet personalized messages from start-ups as they show devotion and dedication of the brand. The key to successful email marketing is including quality content. For example, Evernote circulates monthly newsletters on email. It contains content that is relevant to its audience, product updates, tips on ways to use the app that users might not know yet, etc.

Thus, digital marketing can prove to be a game-changer and sales booster for start-ups. It allows start-ups to reach out to a wider audience at a tiny proportion of the expense as compared to conventional marketing methods.