Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2021

17 feb, 2021

In today's competitive business environment, most of which revolves around online marketing thanks to the pandemic since last year, one must adapt and apply to keep one's business and marketing strategy at the top of the game. To improve the number of clients and to preserve the ones you already have, to generate increased traffic and revenue, and to get more engagement, it is essential to polish up your digital marketing strategy for this year.

We've compiled for you some of these new and latest trends to help you get started on where to invest your resources!

1- Step up your social media presence!

It's no secret that 2021, the year where digital marketing is all the rage, is going to depend largely on your brand's social media presence. What do most consumers do when they hear about a company selling something they're looking for? They search it online, look for a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account. But is that enough to capture their eye? It's easy to assume that the more active your social media accounts will be, the more inclined the consumers will be to stay engaged. It doesn't end here. We've gathered few tips to keep their attention on what you want.

One of these is influencer marketing. It doesn't even have to be the ones with a massive following. Look for hard-working individuals with a following better than average. It's best to approach those who would seem more approachable, more reliable to your targetted audience. Provide them with discounts, personalized products, and well, take it from there!

Keeping your stories updated and switching up your Instagram posts from regular ones to shoppable ones are just some other things to keep an eye out for.

2- Be on top of your SEO game

First and foremost: make sure your local listings across various search platforms are verified and updated. This helps not only with keeping you on top of the search results but also helps with drawing in customers on a local level aka within the same geographical location (the "near me" searches).

Another SEO feature you need to keep your eye on is video and image SEO. It's very easy to submit your video and imagery for an already existing search or keyword. Include alt text to your image descriptions, include your target keywords to the image file name, and use high-quality images to make sure your images always show up in searches. Familiarize yourself more with Google Lens to take advantage of this feature.

3- Communication and Inclusivity

More than a trend, enhanced and effective communication with one’s clients and employees is a necessity in the field of digital marketing. But in this day and age, the approach to that has also shifted. Consumers now prefer more of a personalized approach and experience, so it is essential to keep that in mind. This enhances the consumer’s experience and ensures regular feedback that results in the possibility of constant improvement. This is especially made easy by the use of something as simple as a messaging feature. Be it a separate chatbox on your website or the inbox of one of your social media pages, make sure it's open, up, and running for all your clients!

Inclusivity is of prime significance as well. Our new generation and audience from marginalized groups of people deserve as much recognition and a feeling of visibility as everyone else. So make sure your content, imagery, and video cater to a wide audience including ethnic and religious minorities among others.

4- Google-Ads Automated Bidding

A concept that was introduced years ago and was continuously polished and made better over the years, automated bidding on Google Ads ensures that our time is spent on more important aspects of achieving your performance goals. It takes out all the heavy aspects of the process of setting bids. Look more into the different types of automated bidding strategies to optimize your experience.

5- Interactive content is all the rage

Most buyers that click on a social media page stay longer because of interactive content. Think about it: would you spend longer time on a website with a few fancy fonts and colors or one with intriguing quizzes, polls, and things that require you to give your input in a fun, engaging manner? The answer is the latter.

Add fun quizzes, hold polls, embed calculator, and play mini-games with everyone who visits. And who doesn't like a giveaway?

These are just an insight into some of the trends you should be looking forward to in the good year of 2021! Just some of the techniques to help you build and increase your site traffic, engagements, leads and to help you grow sales and retain customers.