Social Media Platforms for Startups

19 okt, 2020

Every day we hear about various business ventures. They all require complete attention and the right platforms to expand their activities. Social Media is known to be the common platform to showcase and promote your startups. Therefore, the need to know the most useful apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, to work professionally.


Why Are Social Media Platforms Effective For Startups?

A large number of audiences use social media. Hence the product can be viewed and acknowledged by people from all corners of the world. It increases the encouragement with a broad range of audience. This platform is better than traditional media platforms as it encourages brand building. Moreover, website traffic is increased by users clicking the product.

Which Social Media Platform Is the Best for Your Brand?

Below are the few social media platforms that benefit businesses:


Instagram has a vital feature that converts a regular account into a business account. The app comes in with various filters to showcase the products in a professionally appealing manner. Instagram Insights is a feature that provides businesses with complete details of their followers' engagement. By informing you the total number of accounts reached to your profile, it gives you room for improvement. By tapping the view insights, shows the actions of the audience.


If you haven't made an account on Facebook yet, then what are you waiting for? Go and download the app, create a business page and avail the opportunity. Its ad format and pages are designed to catch the attention of almost 2.5 billion audiences. Their first target is to capture new customers by running ads. A key feature: Facebook Insight helps you to see what relates or is liked by the audience. The Facebook ads appear explicitly on the side column, which includes a headline and a copy of an image with the provided link to your Facebook page.


Whatsapp has purposely launched a new app; "WhatsApp Business App" for the business startups. It is available for Android users and iOS users. It helps business profiles to list necessary information about your business. The statistics provided help to see whether the message is sent, delivered or read—useful messaging tools to confront the customers.

Linked In

Almost 3 million company pages have been working on this business app. An effective linked in page will attract the customers. This apps new feature allows you to post directly to the targeted audience. Its engagement is ADP, it shows the company's expertise, time management, payroll. The results may result in future double its followers. Linked in advised the business owners to use keywords which led customers to get assured about the company. It enables social interactions by asking reviews and recommendations.

To conclude, in a growing era of digitalisation, social media platforms play a vital role in creating a brand image and increasing brand awareness for your company. Which is critical for establishing an impactful digital presence for your startup.